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Mr. Gregory and the Magic of Mathematics

Welcome to the magical world of mathematics!
I became a teacher to make a difference and to make math fun. I am hoping to inspire a love of mathematics for all of my students while supporting them on their journey to find their own passions and purposes.
About me:
- I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics at East Stroudsburg University. During my undergraduate studies, I began my teaching career as an instructor in the university's tutoring center. I also became a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.
- I recently completed a Master of Arts degree in Mathematics Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. I am a current member of Kappa Delta Pi, the International Honor Society of Education.
- Yes, I do mathematics even when the school day is over! The related rates problems in calculus are my favorite. I also like to make fun graphs with equations on Desmos. 
-Besides mathematics, I enjoy music, photography, acting, cooking, road trips, and roller coasters. I also love animals, watching cartoons, and making people laugh!
-I was a cat dad of 2, and with a new and rather rambunctious 😆 addition, now I'm a cat dad of 3. 
Mikey (all black, age 9), Mateo (Cow 🐄, mostly white, with black spots, age 6), and Finney (Tuxedo, mostly black with white bib and feet, age 3).
Google Classroom Codes:
Geometry - Period 2, Room 309: r3e33eu
Probability and Statistics - Period 3, Room 220: t2livzx
Principles of Trigonometry and Calculus Honors - Period 4, Room 221: d3a3spq
Geometry - Period 8, Room 309: qriywv5
Geometry - Period 10, Room 309: vb2y7vo
Extra Help: I am available during 5th and 9th periods each day. If needed, I can also provide extra help after school. Please e-mail me in advance and we will set up a time!
Students, parents, and families!
I can always be reached at
or use the "send e-mail" button on this page!