Mr. Enrico is a 2002 graduate of Bucknell University with a BS in Physics. In 2005, he earned his teaching certification through New Jersey's Alternate Route program. This is his fifteenth year teaching in North Bergen High School, where he currently teaches courses in calculus-based physics, algebra-based physics, and engineering.
He believes that the classroom should be a place of open dialogue and experimentation, that students should be encouraged to take ownership of their learning, and that mathematical reasoning and statistical fluency are critical for making well-informed decisions in an increasingly data-driven world.
He's currently obsessed with Python, data science, machine learning, and geometric algebra. In his free time, he enjoys gaming (both tabletop and console), cycling, and being a jungle gym for his daughter Cordelia.
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Physics Honors:
  • Google Classroom: q5uzydm
  • Google Classroom: ang3iys
Intro to Engineering:
  • Google Classroom: 6yl7fqb