I am currently in my eleventh year working in the North Bergen school district and my ninth year at the high school, in which I will be teaching Integrated Math III and Connections.

I am a finance / information systems major from NYU who switched careers from finance to teaching a bit over ten years ago. Since then, I have taken a number of Mathematics, Education, and Special Education graduate courses, and I look forward to completing my Masters in Special Education in May!

When Iā€™m not at school I am busy being a mom, among other fun responsibilities. When I'm not working, I enjoy music and play the piano. My son and I also enjoy some hobbies together. Feel free to ask me about those.

I am looking forward to a great school year!



Extra help hours are by appointment (so that I know to wait for student(s)). My full schedule is posted on each class's Google Classroom.
Need to Find Me? 
Once again, my full schedule is posted on each class's Google Classroom. If my schedule states I am on lunch or prep during a particular period, students may feel free to message me through Google Classroom in order to locate me.
Need to leave something for me?
Should you need to simply leave me a message or hand in work, please either drop these off to me personally, place in my mailbox in the main office, or leave for me in room 123 with my name on it. Please write your full name on everything and write in which class/period I teach you. 
Further Information?
For further class information, please look at the student/parent portal and/or check the Google Classroom for your assigned class.
Feel free to email me at agarcia2@northbergen.k12.nj.us 
Google Classroom
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Ms Alicia Garcia
Teacher - Integrated Math / Connections
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