Ms. Moormann's Math Classes

Google Classroom Codes
Period 2 - Geometry  SE - fwvk7ia
Period 4 - Algebraic Strategies  - kz7oyca
Period 5 - Geometry - hsdl2q4
Period 7 - Algebraic Strategies - qsxqaou
Period 8 - Geometry - p5b6l2h
I would like to thank Temple University for affording me the opportunity to earn my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education, Ramapo College of New Jersey for allowing me to earn my Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and everyone who has helped me along the way! 
My school email address is Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns. 
I can also be reached by calling the Math Office at  201 295- 2836. 
My classes are held in the following rooms during the academic year: 
Period 2- Geometry SE Room 308
Period 4- Algebraic Strategies- Room 220
Period 5- Geometry- Room 220
Period 7- Algebraic Strategies- Room 220
Period 8- Algebraic Strategies-Room 220
Extra Help: Period 10- Please make an appointment.