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Expectations & Materials

Rules and Expectations:

In Classroom 

The following rules are set in place for the benefit of all students in the classroom.  The classroom environment is intended to learn, educate, grow in knowledge, communicate with each other, and most importantly respect each other’s views and opinions. 

The classroom rules are as follows: 

1. Be on time and never skip a class.

Upon entering the classroom, attendance will be updated. A student who is 2 minutes late, will be marked with a tardy. A student will be noted on Google Classroom and RealTime, should they arrive late, absent, or any other reason for which they are not in class.

2. Be prepared.

Students are expected to be prepared on a daily basis by completing all assignments and having the appropriate learning tools needed.  Students are expected to abide by dress code at all times ( Proper uniform and ID worn around the neck). 

3. Participate in class.

All students are expected to actively participate in class discussions and activities. Be Prepared! Students will be called on to answer questions with or without having their hands raised. Know where we are in the lesson at all times. Work should be completed when asked and all deadlines should be met. 

4. Be respectful.

Students are to respect the teacher and the other students in the classroom. Do not disrupt, call out or show any form of rude behavior during class. This includes: cell phones (no one should be texting, surfing the web, or making phone calls). Students should not complete work for class during the class period. Food or Drinks are not permitted. The classroom environment is one that allows for mistakes as we learn the material being taught in class. Should a student have an issue, the student may discuss it with the teacher before or after the class. 

5. Stay Safe.

As per State mandate, masks must be worn at all times. Failure to keep the mask on, will result in the student being escorted by security. Hand sanitizer will be provided, as well as, cleaning wipes. 

**Should a student fail to abide by any of the above class rules, personal or school detention will be assigned to them. Parents will be notified via email.**



Google Chromebook 

Google Classroom

Text Reading


Notebook / Pen