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G. Chytrak

    • Hello !  Welcome to my web page!
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  • Name:MS. G. CHYTRAK
  • Grade:9-12
  • Classroom #:126
  • Subject Area:US 1 & US 2
  • CLASS CODES (if you cannot get on with the original codes, try these)
      US 1 PERIOD 2  h2uprvj
      US 2 PERIOD 5  i26qrax
      US 2 PERIOD 6  o2uy5ci
      US 1 PERIOD 9  vvooj3s
      US 1 PERIOD 10 kjs2ixp
  • Hello all!.This is my 42nd year teaching in the North Bergen School system. The first 10 in the Physical Education and Health department, followed by numerous years teaching Social Studies SE. I earned a Bachelor of Science from Montclair State University and continued my education at William Paterson College and New Jersey City University.  I look forward to working with all of my students and their parents/guardians. 
    MY GOALS INCLUDE:  Bringing out the best in my students, academically and socially,  exposing them to a variety of viewpoints on past and current events so they can formulate opinions of their own. Preparing students to be productive, independent and honorable members of society is the goal.
  •  To CONTACT me call the History office: 201 295 2831.  EXTRA HELP is available for students on Tuesdays at 3:10 PM in room 126. 

  • ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO:  arrive on time, wearing their ID, in proper uniform with their notebook, 2 pens.  Students are to show up ready to participate and to treat each other with respect.   
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