My name is Ms Lynch.
I've been teaching in North Bergen since 1989.
I teach Remedial Reading and Writing.
We use a computer generated program called Edgenuity.
The students take a placement test and then are assigned an Individual Learning Path (ILP).
They will work within this ILP for the remainder of the school year.
I am available for extra help on Wednesdays at 2:30 - 3:00 PM (by appointment only).
You can reach me at 201-295-2822. 
Google Classroom Codes
Period 2 ledmrc6
Period 4 4k3zqiw
Due to Coronavirus school closure, students will be responsible to complete their work.  An increase of 3% daily is expected. Please check your Google classroom to make sure all assignments are done.  In case there is no computer access at home, packets are available at the high school.  Schools must complete them. All will be graded.