Mr. Milian


Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year

"If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be."

Maya Angelou 

Google Classroom  Codes
R/W/L4                               Period 1  Code v707ijs
ESL 3                                   Period 4  Code htgnfhy
Transitional English      Period 6  Code  digdgye
R/W/L4                               Period 7  Code  dcuw6jq
Transitional English      Period  9  Code  xy3ut4q


Classroom Policy

You are expected to come to class wearing your school uniforms, ID, and appropriate outerwear. The outerwear will not be worn around your necks. In addition, as you enter the class, you need to put away your earbuds or headphones and place them along with your cellphones in the teacher designated area or in your pockets. Furthermore, No one will be allowed to use cellphones without the teacher's permission. Additionally, no one will be allowed to congregate outside the classroom. Finally, since you have been enrolled in an advanced ESL or R/W/L4 class, all form of communication will be done only in English. You are expected to communicate in English at all times. 

Behavior expected in the class

You are expected to be ready to work and to have a courteous and respectful attitude toward your classmates and the instructor. Rude behavior, name calling or any inappropriate language will not be tolerated. 

Class Materials(Every Day)

All students are expected to have a classroom textbook, black or blue pen, highlighter, post notes, a folder and a notebook only for this class.


All handwritten assignments must be handed in black or blue ink, and all typed papers must be submitted in Google classroom with the following format: double space,  size 12, and Times Roman font. All assignments must be submitted on time, meaning the exact date and time I have chosen, not yours. In the event that you cannot submit your work on time, you must email me at ( include your name, the class period and name of the course in the email) prior to the deadline. If a student goes on vacation, is suspended, or will be absent due to a medical or personal reason, he /she is responsible for all the work that needs to be completed. Therefore, it is important to check this website and Google classroom for class assignments.

Bathroom Breaks

Bathroom breaks will only be permitted towards the end of class, when we have finished the class work. 

Grade Policy

Homework = 20%

Tests/Quizzes/Projects = 40%

Class Participation = 20%      Class Participation Rubric

Classwork = 20%     Classwork Rubric

Grading Scale 

My Schedule

This is where you can find me during the day

Period 1 / R/W/L4 /Room 221

Period 2=   Prep

Home Room / Room 113

Period 3=  Prep

Period 4=  ESL 3 /Room 304

Period 5=  Lunch

Period 6=  Transitional English /Room 221

Period 7 = R/W/L4 /Room 216

Period 8 = Duty

Period 9 = Transitional English /Room 304                



A student must be in attendance for 162 or more days in each course (meaning 18 or fewer absences) in order to be considered to have successfully completed the instructional program requirements of the grade/ course to which he/she is assigned (9 or fewer absences for half year courses). 

Extra Help

Anyone who needs extra help will have to make an appointment by filling out the extra help form. No one will be admitted without the appointment. The extra help day is every Wednesday after 9th and 10th periods in room 126.


According to the Student Handbook, "Plagiarism is the inclusion of another’s words, ideas, or data as one’s own work. This covers unpublished as well as published sources." If you are caught plagiarizing per North Bergen High School policy,  the consequences, as outlined in the Student Handbook,  will be as follow:  A grade of zero (0) for the assignment and all related assignments with no opportunity to make up that work in any way, including extra credit work. Two days in Edmentum Learning Program. Mandatory parental conference. Please refer to pages 52 and 53 of the Student Handbook for more information. You can also watch the video below.

Watch Video

Description of Courses

ESL 3, Transitional English, R/W/L4

These courses focus on the improvement of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills as well as the use of 21st Century Skills such as collaboration, creativity, communication critical thinking, and problem solving. In addition, students must learn the skills of the Common  Core  Content  Standards. Students will be required to read fiction and nonfiction texts, create online projects, do public speaking presentations and know how to write personal narrative, expository and argumentative essays.

Independent Reading( Transitional English and R/L/W4)

I believe that students must become independent readers. It is only by reading independently that students start acquiring more knowledge, which allows them to become better writers and thinkers. Therefore, In this class, reading independently will be an important part of the class. In order to do this,  you must obtain a library card or go to the Media Center and bring a book of your choice to school. We will begin the class by reading the book you have chosen for ten minutes every day, and in your homes you will do the same in order to receive class credit. You will be expected to read at least two books per marking period.