ESL 3 WIDA Speaking Lessons

Lesson 1
Speaking 1
The Board of Education wants students to attend school for an enitire year. The Board feels that there are too many students who lack adequate  reading and writing skills and would like to improve the students' skills in these areas. What is your opinion about this?
Lesson 2
  • Watch the video and take notes.
  • Write two paragraphs answering the following question:
    Why is the Monarch Butterfly population declining and what can you do about it?
  • Go to, record your answer, save it, and copy the link. 
  • Go to Google Drive and open your Wida Per 9 folder.  
  • Open the Speaking Folder, create a Google Doc and name it Speaking Lessons.
  • Paste the Vocaoo link and name it Lesson 1 . You are done