Welcome to my Webpage

Hello ! my name is Mr. Bacha and I am a math Teacher at North Bergen high School. I look forward to working with you this 2019/2020 school year.. Please feel free to contact me via Email at mbacha@northbergen.k12.nj.us,or you can reach me in the math department @ 201-295-2836.

My classes and Google Classroom Codes:

Period 2 Geometry ---------------------Google Classroom Code : yc3wiee

Period 3 Geometry----------------------Google Classroom Code : j7dgzYs

Period 5 Algebraic Strategies--------Google Classroom Code : mhztw4o

Period 6 Math Strategies--------------Google Classroom Code : mhztw4o

Period 10- Geometry-------------------Google Classroom Code b2bp2zz

Extra Help :

Extra help will be provided every Tuesdays after School.