Welcome to Ms. D´s Corner!



Back to School Night! '20-'21 Pathways 041!

A warm welcome to our parents and students!
Hello! I am known to my students as Ms. D. I have been teaching here at the Pathways program in North Bergen High School for 4 years.
We have worked along with the students in developing their Life Skills, as well as Job Skills throughout Community Based Instruction work assignments. Due to the pandemic, the Community Based Instruction has been put on pause, but we will continue to practice the life and job skills needed for the students to take on beyond their years at NBHS!
Mr.D and I have created a video to give you a quick outline to the Pathways program as it runs in Class 041. 
text or call: (201) 701-3258
NBHS: (201) 295-2800
NBHS CST: (201) 295-2812/2813

¨The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.¨ 

- Brian Herbert