Seton Hall Law at North Bergen High School

On April 15th, most of us are hurrying to the Post Office, or busy online getting our tax returns in on time. At North Bergen High School's Media Center, two Seton Hall Law students gave a workshop called "Leadership and the Law"  to 25 of our North Bergen High School students. Our students were able to discuss current topics in leadership and community and law in New Jersey. 
"At North Bergen High School, we pride ourselves on giving our students as many opportunities to succeed, as possible," stated Theresa Rabelo, Director of Student Personnel Services for the North Bergen School District. "Our students work hard and we want to expose them to positive role models in order for them to learn about life after high school. We have many students who want to study law, and become attorneys. We want to provide the advantage of a world-class program given by the Seton Hall Fellows in Leadership."
Mrs. Rabelo also serves on the North Bergen STEM Academy Committee, and some of the STEM students also took part. 
"We want to thank Jeanelly Nunez and Yudiana Gonzalez, the two Seton Hall Law Fellows who visited us at NHBS, Dr. Solter, Mayor Sacco, Principal Locricchio, Dr. Welz and Mrs. Stern-Protz and the North Bergen Board of Education for making this all possible."