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It is the intent of the Social Studies Department to help students to understand major events that have shaped our nation's history and to understand man and the relationship with the environment and with other human beings. Moreover, every effort is made to help students develop decision making plans, to formulate opinion making practices and to develop plans of action.

The Social Studies Department has developed courses that will offer students a sound understanding of history and develop critical thinking, verbal and written expression, geography skills, research, and responsibility to family, self, school and society.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Patrick Brady, District Supervisor of Social Studies

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The Social Studies Department's Junior State of America and the Young Leaders Club recently welcomed Mrs. Lois De Julio Esq. Mrs. De Julio has been practicing law since 1973 and has numerous accomplishments during her career as an Assistant Deputy Public Defender. Her signature case New Jersey V. TLO in 1985, set the precedent for juvenile constitutional rights and the role of educators in relation to search and seizure. Mrs. De Julio articulated the case and its relevance to students and concluded with a Q/A.
Special thanks to moderator Mr. Bader Risheg for helping to organize this unique educational experience for our students.



With numerous High Schools from all over NJ and over 600 students participating, the Social Studies Department's Model United Nations (MUN) Team had a tremendous showing at the 28th St. Peters University Model United Nations (SPMUN) WINNING 6 prestigious awards:


1.) Best Delegate for her work in the Committee of Sustainability and Development (CSD):
~ Samanatha Valderrama
2.) Best Delegate "Special Political and  Decolonization Committee" (SPECPOL):
~ Vimbaisi Basvi 
3.) Best Delegate for her work in the "World Health Organization" (WHO):
~ Cristy Garcia
4)  Honors for his work in the "Committee of the Status of Women":
~ Jose Mojica Perez 
5.) Best Position Paper in a committee discussing chemical and e-waste disposal:
~ Allison Argueta-Claros and Angelica Matta
As you are aware this is a tremendous accomplishment.
Great Job to all the students that participated and Moderator Michael Maring!!

Congratulations to the Social Studies Department's Model United Nations (MUN) Team and Moderator Mr. Maring had a fantastic showing at the Bergen Academies Model United Nations WINNING 7 prestigious awards.

1.)  Representing Finland - Outstanding Delegation "Disarmament and International Security Committee" (DISEC):
~ Cristy Garcia and Michael Franco-Garcia 
2.) Representing Chile - Commendations "Special Political and  Decolonization Committee" (SPECPOL):
~ Ethan Gonzalez and Matthew Vasquez
3.) Representing Hungary - Commendation "Economics and Financial Committee" (ECOFIN):
~ Ahmad Ahmad 
4.) Representing Malaysia - Honorable Mention "World Health Organization Committee" (WHO):
~ Yadary Gutierrez and Vimbisai Basvi
Congratulations the Social Studies Honors Program's Yadary Gutierrez won FIRST PLACE in the Thomas Jefferson Lecture Series Essay Contest and Peter Bellocq received HONORABLE MENTION.
Yadary won this award last year and this marks the 3rd year in a row the Social Studies Department won this contest!
Congratulations to the Model United Nations (MUN) Team, let by Moderator Michael Maring, for winning 5 prestigious awards in the Bridgewater-Raritan Model UN Competition. 300 students from numerous high schools all over NJ participated with the following awards being won:

Arab League

Best Delegate: Ammar Eltigani

Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)

Best Position Paper:  Ethan Gonzalez
Honorable Mention: Cristy Garcia

Historical Best Position Paper

Peter Bellocq

Supreme Court of the United States: (SCOTUS)

Verbal Commendation: Allison Aurgeta