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LSC gram-staining

Biology Field Trip to Libery Science Center

The Biology and STEM students had an amazing time at LSC's "Meet-A-Surgeon" with Dr. Margarita Camacho, who discussed heart transplant technologies & surgeries. They also participated in gram-staining bacteria to solve a medical mystery!

AP District Honor Roll

North Bergen School District has been named to the 10th Annual AP District Honor Roll in the Advanced Placement District Awards
Adam Savage Visits NBHS

Adam Savage visits North Bergen High School

Adam Savage, the producer and host of MythBusters and Savage Builds, visited North Bergen High School with his team on Thursday, Oct. 3 to film a segment about the amazing work the art department students have done on various projects throughout the years.
Pequannock Technology Summit

Dr. Welz coaches teachers in technology

Dr. Krista Welz attended the Pequannock Tech Summit on 10/11/19 and NJECC on 1/14/20 to train teachers in effective educational technology tools for classroom instruction and administrative tasks. She also coaches teachers in the North Bergen school district in technology!
School Counselor Rainbow Days Training

Rainbow Days CBSG to the North Bergen School District

Partners in Prevention (PIP) hosted a Rainbow Days training for local school personnel. Training was conducted to ensure North Bergen youth and their families have a support system in place in response to trauma and adverse childhood experiences.