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The purpose of the Home Economics program is to provide students with the necessary understanding, knowledge and competence in decision-making, problem solving, management of resources, and interpersonal relationships through laboratory experiences which will have practical application to the quality of their personal and/or family life now and in the future.

The objectives of the program are: to provide opportunities for the development of self understanding and self-esteem to enable the individual to become a more effective member of the family and of society; to develop abilities and skills for coping effectively with various facets and responsibilities of one’s role(s) in the family, career world and society in general; to be aware of the similarities and differences in individuals and families in order to function within a changing social, economic and technological environment; to gain an understanding of how to manage one’s personal and/or family resources, both human and material, in terms of one’s goals and values; to unitize basic skills and guide him/her in mastering the application of those skills as an expression of functional literacy.

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