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(Google Classroom codes listed below)
Attention: Grade 9 & Grade 10 Students
The Guidance Department is here to support you during this time of the  school closure.  We are available to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have.  Please feel free to contact us through email.  Please keep in mind, we are not able to respond back to you through your school email address.  You must email us through your personal email.  
In addition, we would like to remind you to log in every period and keep up with all school assignments during virtual learning.  
Attention: Grade 11 Students
The Guidance Department would like to remind you to log in every period and keep up with all school assignments during virtual learning.  
We are here to help you with any questions or concerns.  Please feel free to email us.  Keep in mind we are not able to respond to school email addresses so therefore, if a response is needed, you need to email from a personal email.  
There is a special Junior Google Classroom where we will be posting important information regrading college planning and other news and reminders (code bleow).
The Guidance Department would like to suggest the following websites to help keep you on track with your post secondary planning:
  • Niche
  • Cappex
  • Collegebaord
  • Fastweb
  • Khan Academy
  • check out the "Important Websites for College Planning "tab on this site
Attention: Grade 12 Students
Seniors! We would like to remind you to log in every period and keep up with all school assignments during virtual learning.  
We in the Guidance Department are available during virtual learning through email to help assist with any questions or concerns you may have.  Please keep in mind we cannot respond to school email addresses, so if you need a response please email from a personal email address.
There is a special Senior Google Classroom where we will be posting college/university information (tours, etc.) and other important news and reminders for your Senior year (code below).  In addition, there is a Scholarship Google Classroom where will be posting scholarship opportunities you can apply for (code below)!
Seniors please be sure to do the following:
-Log in every period
-Keep up with your assignments
-Be mindful of deadlines
-Keep working on scholarships
-Complete work in Credit Recovery, if enrolled
-Review FAFSA Packages & Documents
-Respond to colleges in a timely fashion 
COUNSELOR NAME GR. 9 GR. 10 GR. 11 GR. 12   
 CRUZ hrb2zyp 22mezi4 55omrko ymzfzrm  
 CONNELLY na16tev ghhx7ze 1hz3r61 n53hnmd  
 ALVAREZ vck7cbd 26vrdsd lv3t23w uar6mh6  
 FERIA wczry5a wczry5a wczry5a pqksgap  
 MARTO zcr7jmj cwuad6b 2xas 3dmmhok  
 MARTORAL gsfgwwz oomq7rf 2nqecwj ucbeyp  
 FERRARO d4wnwmb jntrmvb r26vurr 3iuw64k  
 PERRIN ramaso1 xq4raod pise2pk hcitnnd  
 VANDERMARK 55sbirg lugaa7r ao3mfhz rocnomy  
The North Bergen High School Guidance Department's mission is to provide a program designed to facilitate the educational, career, and social/emotional needs of the students that will help them reach their potential by partnering with parents, community, faculty, and staff.  Counselors strive to meet the developmental needs of all students and respond to the special cultural and social needs and interests of individuals. 
 Our goal is to provide students with skills necessary to foster growth toward life long
success and effective, responsible citizenship for a diverse and changing world.
  The North Bergen Guidance Office look forward to helping you to achieve  your goals!
  • 8th: WELCOME BACK!
Please look at our Announcements Board in the Guidance Center
for all events and information! 
Check out the North Bergen Guidance Dept.
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