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Welcome to the NBHS Music Department
George Haviland, District Supervisor of Music
Music is a natural form of expression in the development of children and should be an integral part of the school curriculum from preschool throughout high school. The music program has aesthetic, creative, cultural, and academic values that complete and further the educational and social values of a quality education. The school is responsible for helping all children understand and enjoy music. It should assist in discovering and nurturing musical talent. Every child should have the opportunity to develop their potentiality for musical expression through exploration, experimentation, exposure, and enrichment.

The study and playing of a musical instrument and vocal training, whether alone or in a group, offers the young person a lifelong enjoyment and appreciation of music. This might be attained through creating, performing, or eventually, just as an educated listener. The pursuance of music, one of the Fine Arts, leads to deeper understanding and love for the other Fine Arts. This ability to value the aesthetic to a higher degree raises the joy of living and offers the person a foundation to become happy, well-adjusted, and useful cooperative citizen.

The Goals for the North Bergen High School Music Program are;

1. To develop in the student an understanding and appreciation of the various types, styles, and forms of music which can be beneficial during an entire lifetime.

2. To develop better citizenship. Music participation emphasizes the ability to work with others as a member of a team. It teaches the importance of a cooperative effort, acceptance of leadership, acceptance of differences, and the need for self-discipline and responsibility.

3. To make students aware of the possibilities music offers as a career or vocation.

4. To contribute to help broaden the cultural life of our community.

5. To help achieve self-realization through participation in the music program. Some results should be aesthetic experience, emotional development, creative attitudes, skill and knowledge, physical, and mental health, mental stimulation and high level thinking, leisure time activity, self-expression, spiritual development, and personality development.

6. Our performing groups should strive to perform at the highest level consistent with the experience and maturity of the group.
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