Former North Bergen Graduate Addresses STEM Academy

STEM Academy students were treated to a guest speaker who is both a medical school student and North Bergen High School graduate.
Jalize Canela is a woman of "true grit" when she talks about the rejection she received from her dream college in New York, yet not giving up on her goal of becoming a doctor. Instead, she took a very generous offer from another world-class education institution -  Monmouth University. She attended as a pre-med undergrad, and was able to find her path through focus, tenacity and hard work. 
While in college, Jalize wanted to join an elite medical program, but as fate would have it, one of her advisors suggested a different medical program that was more open to receiving new students. As it turns out, the network of professionals that she met through this program are now her current administrators at Rutgers Medical School!
Through her "can-do" approach to each situation, Jalize proves that when there's a will to succeed, there's a way to success. 
Our STEM students learned that academics are important, but getting out there and leaving our comfort zone - even for a short amount of time - can lead to opportunities we may not be able to spot while in classes 24/7.
"You have to be able to network and talk to people. These may be the same people that can help you get to where you want to be down the road," said Julize to our STEM students. 
Dr. Keshishian added "You are smart when you decide to give up some Saturdays to take advantage of the programs we have through the Academy. That small investment pays off well!"
The students couldn't agree more. Many of our STEM Academy students will be experiencing a college program, volunteer opportunity, working experience, or travel & shadow over the summer. We can't wait to report on their adventures in the fall.
Special thanks to Mayor Nicholas J. Sacco, Dr. Solter and the North Bergen Board of Education, Dr. Keshishian, and Mr. Locricchio for making this all possible.