Several NBHS STEM students graduate from Fairleigh Dickinson's META Program!

Seven STEM and North Bergen High School students graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson's META (Mathematics Enrichment Through Application) Program on November 9th. Each student participated in an advanced curriculum of graph theory, encryption, measure of probability, and calculating pathways of nodes and edges for predicting ease and cost of travel. Our students enjoyed the program, giving up eight Saturdays to participate. They are happy with the end results;  having a better understanding of how math is applied in the real world, and graduating with certificates from a highly-respected New Jersey University. 

Pictured here are META students enjoying the lunch and graduating.

(l-r front) STEM students Amy Azogue Irigoyen, Kayla Fernandez, Bryan Gramajo, NBHS students Beatriz Barc, and Vanessa Cepeda Almonte.

(l-r back) NBHS students Kayla Fernandez and Jaspinder Kaur, and STEM student Zoubair Belfki with Professors Casti and Huddy. 

Mrs. Stern-Protz who attended the presentation sessions (see photo), stated "The work that the university does with the students in encouraging positive and meaningful endeavors in mathematics allows students to see themselves in future mathematics careers. FDU is a critical partner in the STEM program."

The STEM Academy (Dr. Jared Keshishian, Mrs. Theresa Rabelo, Mr. Richard Locricchio, Ms. Shareen Shibli, Ms. Heather Carline and Mrs. Stern-Protz) would like to thank Fairleigh Dickinson, META sponsors Provident Bank and The Independent College Fund of New Jersey, along with Becton Dickinson and other generous donors. They also would like to thank Dr. Solter and North Bergen Board of Education for providing transportation, and their continued support. Lastly, special thanks to parents Mrs. Jeghalef and Mrs. Azogue Irigoyen, and all of the parents who attended the ceremony and supporting the students' in their efforts.  Congrats again!