Social Studies Model United Nations

With numerous High Schools from all over NJ and over 400 students participating, the Social Studies Department's Model United Nations (MUN) Team had a tremendous showing at the 29th annual St. Peter's University Model United Nations (SPMUN) WINNING 8 prestigious awards:

1. Commission on the Status of Women Honorable Delegation:

~ Friyal Ayandri and Samantha Valderrama 

2. Commission on Status of Refugees Honorable Delegation:

~ Ciara Henriguez and Angie Matta 

3. DISEC Honorable Delegation:

~ Derik Toribo and Camila Garcia

4. Human Rights Best Delegation:

~ Minna Abdella and Nora Zohayar 

5. Commission on the Environment:

~ Honorable Delegate Vimbiasi Basvi


As you are aware this is a tremendous accomplishment.
Great Job to all the students that participated and Moderator Michael Maring!!