NJIT Hosts Day of Science for North Bergen High School's S.H.P.E Club

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, NJIT hosted a Dia De Ciencas (Day of Science) for the NBHS S.H.P.E Club. The students explored a variety of workshops of the different engineering programs offered by NJIT. Students were given a task to create a 3D model on CAD (a program used for a range of STEAM fields). In addition, students built bridges from material provided to help them understand the fundamentals of Industrial Engineering. Lastly, students were given an opportunity to build car models to introduce them to the Mechanical Engineering Division of NJIT. 

The goal of the North Bergen High School's S.H.P.E Club's is to network with local colleges and industries in hopes of further exposing its students to prospective colleges in the STEM/STEAM fields and spark their interest in the industry.
For more information on the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, please see
Nesrin Abulaban (S.H.P.E Junior Division Advisor) [email protected]