Welcome to Mrs. Benlkorchi's Class!

My name is Mrs. Benlkorchi, and I am thrilled to be part of the North Bergen High School family for this school year 2019-2020. I have been a resident of North Bergen since 2006 where I reside with my husband and my nine year old son. I graduated from NJIT with a B. S in Applied Mathematics and I will be graduating from NJCU with M.A.T in Secondary Education in the summer 2020.
I am very passionate about mathematics and providing a safe and engaging classroom environment that promotes active learning, growth, and a sense of family. I am committed to students' success inside the classroom and in life and look forward building meaningful relationship with all of my students, their parents/ guardians, and our community. Please, do not hesitate to call me or email me with any questions or concerns. 
I look forward meeting all of my students on Thursday, September 5th!
My Classes:
This year, I am teaching two sections of Integrated Math I, one section of Integrated Math II, and two sections of Algebra I.
Google Classroom Codes:
Period 2, Integrated Math 2: hco5tcy
Period 3, Algebra I: rfayglh
Period 6, Algebra 6: wisaqcz
Period 8, Integrated Math 1: hwv7yt6
Period 9, Integrated 1: 7rmle7o
Extra Help:
Daily during period 10 every day from 3:10 to 3:50, and by appointment.
All extra help hours are by appointment and to be held either in the mathematics department's office in room 300 or in the media center. 
Contact Info:
Math Department Office: Room 300
Math Supervisor: Ms. Shareen Shibli
Phone number: 201-295-2836/38
Any more information about this year's classes (syllabus, online textbooks, and homework/assignment) can be found on the google classroom page pertaining to each class. All codes for google classroom pages will be given during the first day of classes.
“Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty.” Bertrand Russel