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Weight Training, Super Set workout

Weight Training Super Setting Workout

A few objectives to keep in mind when weight training:

  1. Before you begin a program, set an objective or a goal you want to achieve. It’s a good idea to be able to “measure” the results (i.e. check weight or measure areas of your body for loss or gain.)
  2. You must bring the muscle to a point of fatigue ( no pain no gain)
  3. You must allow the muscle to rest.
  4. Muscles are only working isotonicly when they contract or shorten.
  5. Lifting a lighter weight with more repetitions will tighten, define, and tone up a muscle. (15-20 repetitions)
  6. Lifting a heavier weight with only a few repetitions will increase the size and strength of a muscle. (2-4 repetitions)


A balance between the two would be to do about 8 repetitions of an exercise.

In either case, the muscle should be somewhat fatigued at the end of the set.

If not, then increase the weight or the repetitions, depending on your objectives or goals.


  1. Super setting allows you to work out one muscle group while resting the other, or opposite muscle group. (antagonist muscle groups)  This allows the maximum workout in the least amount of time.

Basic Routine

This is a circuit, do one set of each exercise and continue the “loop” until you have 3-4 sets completed.  There is no need to rest between sets.  As your workout progresses other exercises may be substituted or added.


Arms                       →           Biceps Curls

                                →           Triceps Curls


Abdominal             →           Crunches

Lower Back           →           Dead lift machine


Chest                      →           Bench Press

Upper Back            →           Bent Rowing


Thighs                    →           Quadriceps Extension

Hamstring              →           Hamstring Leg Curl


Legs                        →           Squat Machine

Calf                         →           Toe Raise Machine  OR  Toe Raise on Squat Machine


Shoulders               →           Press

Lats/Back              →           Lat Pulldown