* Due to recent mandated school closings, all instruction will be conducted from home through GOOGLE CLASSROOM. The following codes are for each period that corresponds to your class. Please enroll ONLY to your class period.
The google classroom codes are for school year 2021-2022
2nd Pd. Frosh -tyovwut
3rd pd. Jr's- axjv7ps
6th pd Frosh- xhczrkf
7th pd Jr's- 4mh2eoa
10th pd Frosh - nqlqmzl
I teach grade levels nine and eleven physical education and health. If at anytime one needs to reach me the Men's office number is 201-295-2817. Also my email address is [email protected]
My extra help hours are Wednesdays second and ninth period. If a student cannot make the extra help day or periods one can see me to make arrangements. The Phys. Ed. Men's office is room 130 located by the gym and athletic director's office.