Welcome to Mr. Barbanera's Web Page

Name: Louis Barbanera
Grades: 10-11
Classroom # 204
Subject Areas: United States History I and II
Extra Help: Available on Tuesdays after 10th period by appointment.
The following are the updated Google Classroom Codes. 
Period 3 utoqt5b
Period 5 qinq7qc
Period 6 cwiojv2
Period 8 4ujg3ba
Period 10 3qixblo
If you already have access, there is no need to do anything. These codes are only for students that are having problems with access to Google Classroom.
Mr. Barbanera has been a member of the North Bergen Faculty for over 16 years.
He is a NBHS alumnus.
He obtained his Bachelor's degree and Master's degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University.
He is a tireless advocate for students and a proud member of the Bruin family.
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