Welcome to Mr. Stella's School Page

Hello, my name is Antonio Stella and I am a mathematics teacher at NBHS.   This is my 14th year teaching mathematics in North Bergen High School.  I graduated from William Paterson with a bachelor degree in mathematics and also obtained my Masters Degree in mathematics 3 years ago.  This current year I will be teaching 1 session of Geometry Honors 1 session of Geometry Honors STEM, 1 session of Geometry and 2 sessions of Algebra 2.  For students, parents, and guardians, my extra help periods are periods 3 and some days after 9th period but need to be notified ahead of time.  Thank you and look forward to having a very fun and productive year.  
Any questions or concerns my email is: [email protected]
Or you can contact the math office at (201) 295-2836
Look forward to this coming school year and hearing from you.  
Thank you, 
 Antonio Stella
Google Classroom codes:
Prd 1: Geometry Honors 44lm3mx
Prd 2: Algebra 2 zutsigg
Prd 5: Algebra 2 v7nmwxd
Prd 7: Geometry Honors natmitw
Prd 8: Geometry Honors Stem bmv4hp5
Prd 9: Geometry lccuuyy