Principles of Marketing is designed to provide students with a creative active learning experience of marketing and its role in organizations and society. This centers on the core process of creating and delivering value. We will learn, link and apply important marketing concepts by learning how the traditional “four-Ps” framework aligns with value. Today’s marketing is about building profitable customer relations. Emphasis is placed on the marketing mix, product, price, place and promotion. The topics covered are explaining and understanding marketing, the principles and value for customers, segmenting, targeting and positioning, product and service strategies and the media mix. Ethical issues in marketing are also included. Course Objectives: By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of the characteristics, functions, and general concepts used in marketing. The goal is to introduce the students to the various approaches in the study of marketing – marketing is much more than just an isolated business function; it is a philosophy that guides an entire organization. Marketing is a company-wide mission.