Design Thinking Club


The Design Thinking Club is a new and innovative club at North Bergen High School that implements the methodology of Design Thinking in order to find solutions to problems . Click this video  to understand more about this concept.

Projects we are currently working on
Step 1
The team has identified a need for a better way to achieve communication in our high school. After brainstorming and collaborating with the help of Ms. Dugger, club collaborator, we decided that a digital bulletin board would achieve this purpose. The digital board, which we are calling ¨ Bruin Board," at Ms. Duggerś suggestion, will be located in the cafeterias and other parts of the school. It would enhance and bring in a global way the interesting things that are happening in our school and community.
Step 2
  • The team has recommended the creation of a student survey to gather specific opinions regarding the type of  announcements that students think should be displayed on the bulletin board. The students in the English classes and those in the  ESL Reading and Writing ones will be taking the survey as well.
  • The North Bergen High School Staff will also take the survey. At the end of each survey, the team will compare results and the appropriate recomendations will be made.

Step 3


  • Compare teacher and students results
  • After discussion of student and teacher results a prototype with slides will be created in order to simulate the Bruin Board.
Step 4
  • Create criteria for measuring success
  • Test Idea
Step 5
  • Meeting with Mr. Locricchio/Danny

Projects we have created

Monitor Project

Recycling Machine


We meet every Thursday after 10th period in room 127.  Drop by and join us!


If you are interested in joining our club  fill out this form .

To receive message and find out more about the club, you can join our Google Classroom page  code qop146r

Find out more about Design Thinking by watching this video


You can read more about Design Thinking by reading the book "Creative Confidence" by David and Tom Kelley.


This is a Ted Talk given by David Kelly, one of the people who popularize Design Thinking

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