Welcome to Mr. Martinez's Webpage!

My name is Cristian Martinez and I have been teaching Social Studies at North Bergen High School since 2015. I graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor's degree in History, and got my Master's in Secondary Social Studies Education from Rutgers Graduate School of Education. After graduate school, I taught social studies briefly at New Brunswick High School. As a NBHS alumnus, it is great to be back in the Bruin's Den. 
My contact information and courses for the year are listed below for future reference and for extra help hours. 
Grade: 9-12
Courses: World History, United States History I, History through Music, and Economics 
Room: 124 & 206 
Extra Help: Available on Tuesday or by appointment in the History Office 
Google Classroom Class Codes 
US History I Pd. 3 - gxxqegf 
WH Pd. 4 -ubsmeqr
History through Music Pd. 7- rnlclae 
WH Pd. 9- ezhjjx2
US Pd. 10- 64anlct 
WH Pd. 4