Maria Antenucci » Welcome!


Welcome to my class!   My name is Maria Antenucci,  I am a teacher of Mathematics at North Bergen High School.   This year  I will be teaching Algebra I Honors, Algebra II Honors and Algebra II. 
The following are the google classroom codes for the 2020-2021 school year: 
Period 1: Algebra 2  6cuh7su
Period 2: Algebra 1 Honors 6l367iw
Period 5: Algebra 2 Honors mwcywb2
Period 7: Algebra 2 ogpbtuz
Period 8: Algebra 2 qkhymce
Extra help days: 
Wednesday during class period or by appointment
My contact information:
Mathematics Department: 
phone number: 201- 295-2836
Department Chairperson: Dr. Fahima Bacha
Phone number 201- 295-2838