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Image result for usa gifName: Gabriel E. Pena

Email: gpena@northbergen.k12.nj.us

Grade: 11-12

Classroom #: 207

Subject Area: United States History II, Renaissance and reformation

Extra Help: Available on Tuesdays or by appointment

**Attention Parents** Stay up do date with Google Classroom for Parents/Guardians: Please email me with your name and your child's name and I will add you as a guardian. 

Google Classroom Codes

Renaissance Period 2   x25v23f

US History II  Period 3   zdsgdma

US II Honors  Period 6   622ml2d

US History II  Period 7   af5jwbf

US History II  Period 10 srbobai



Mr. Peña has been with the North Bergen High School staff for 12 years. He is a NBHS alumnus. After obtaining his bachelor's degree in history and education certification from Rutgers University, he returned to the Bruin's Den. He is always keeping up with technological trends as well as exploring metaphysical ideas, leading his students to look harder at simple questions such as: what is time?

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