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The Final Frontier is exactly why this class was crafted. Generations have been fascinated with space especially those that lived during the space race. This class will ignite the passion of the great unknown.-- Mr. Robert Moorsehead

Introduction to Engineering
The first engineering class for our brand new S.T.E.M. Academy. -- Mr. Dave Enrico

Marine Biology
Who doesn’t love the beach or water! Two amazing bodies of water surround us in North Bergen with the diversity and wonderment of life in both the Hudson River and The Meadowlands. How are they connected? Some say space is the
final frontier but we know more about the moon then we do our own oceans. -- Ms. Barbara Young

Preparation for Careers in Healthcare
This course is structured to first teach students the language of medicine through medical terminology and then, introduce them to the knowledge, basic life support, ethics, and different careers in the allied health programs in college. This class will either inspire or deter
students in pursuing a health career before they enter higher education and waste money on a career they may not be mentally prepared for.-- Ms. Veronica Gonzalez

Science of Nutrition
It never hurts to learn about proper nutrition. With more and more emphasis to live a healthier lifestyle, this class allows students to learn about their body’s metabolism, digestion, and what is needed to keep the human body performing at its peak.-- Mr. Alex Estela

This course is geared toward allowing the student first hand, to learn to think just like a CSI agent. Their labs for example blood spatter, bullet striations, and many more educationally purchased kits train the student to hypothesize and determine who committed the crime. This class was created in response to the curiosity of our students always talking about CSI. We at North Bergen wanted to show them exactly what it truly means to be in the field of forensics.-- Mr. Ed Zawistowski
Independent Scientific Research Class
This course is designed for successful and talented students who intend to pursue science majors for their college careers. High School students are challenged to complete original and independent scientific research that is characteristic of the college-level course. Students generate a research question, conduct literature review, develop a research proposal and thesis/hypothesis, collaborate with content area experts, collect and analyze data, and present original research at the Hudson county science fair. - Dr. Krista Welz & Mrs. Stephanie Stern-Protz