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Mr. Delucca & Mr. Felipe’s World History Cultures Honors

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Welcome!!! Please read over the summer assignment instructions. Please email us with any questions. Thank you.


Due Dates:

  1. June 30 (Chapter 1)
  2. July 9 (Chapter 2)
  3. July 23 (Chapter 3)
  4. August 6 (Chapter 4)
  5. August 20 (Chapter 5)
  6. August 27 (Chapter 6)
  7. September 8 (Chapter 7)


As you are reading, there are mini projects for selected chapters. Your final project should be creative and cohesive. A portion of the final grade will come from the appearance (neatness and organization) of the project.

  1. Purpose: CHAPTER 1: To think about the impact political leaders have on the public and to look at the psychology and intention behind Major's speech in Animal Farm.  

Major's Speech           

Assignment: Find a speech by a famous political leader (from any country) and summarize the theme of his/her speech. Include in your analysis:

  1. What was the political leader's message?
  2. What were the people of the country expected to do in response to the speech?
  3. Do you agree or disagree with the arguments made in the speech? Why or Why not?
  4. Please include a copy of the speech you found.
  1. Purpose: CHAPTER 2: To understand the idea and enormity of a dictatorship. Think about what happens when you become a leader of the highest order and make intelligent decisions based on what you create                                                                                     Assignment: Imagine that you were given a piece of land the size of Texas. You have plenty of farm land, plenty of water resources, plenty of oil reserves, and enough forest land to cover over half of your country.
    1. View a World Atlas. Notice how the countries are drawn and labeled.
    2. Create a map of your country, and include capital, rivers, lakes, forest land, and ranges you would like to have. This should be drawn and colored onto its own piece of paper, large enough that it is easy to read.
    3. Name this country that you have inherited and write the name on the top of the drawing. In your write up, include: Why did you choose this name? What does it stand for?
    4. Determine the population of your country.
    5. Determine the rules (about 5) that govern your country. Explain why these particular rules were chosen.
  2. Purpose: CHAPTER 4. Understand national pride and victories and compare modern day to the events in Animal Farm.                                                                         Assignment: Almost all countries dedicate monuments to their heroes and leaders.
    1. Research the histories of three national monuments of three countries that exist in the modern world.
    2. Compare and contrast the significance of the three, and discuss the history of each as they apply to the politics of today.
    3. Include pictures of all three of the monuments.
  3. Purpose: To understand how important the windmill was to the farm and how devastating it's destruction was to the farm in Animal Farm.                                                 Assignment: Windmills are used to generate power for a farm, community, or in our case a school. Find a picture or diagram of a windmill that currently exists
    1. Research how a windmill (NOT a wind turbine) operates and explain its operation in one page.
    2. Include a picture of the windmill you found.
  4. Purpose: CHAPTER 6. Not only are the animals in Animal Farm running a political campaign they are also running a business. Think about how to effectively manage the farm, and what problems might you have. How could you use problem solving to overcome these issues?                                                                                     Assignment: Managing employees is a difficult job. You have to organize work hours and scheduling. Create a fictional company and a product that the company will manufacture and sell.
    1. Name your company.
    2. Describe the product to be manufactured.
    3. Determine the cost of manufacturing the product.
    4. Determine the selling price of the product.
    5. Hire five fake employees.
    6. Write a one week schedule for the work of those employees.
    7. Determine how much you are going to pay the employees.
    8. Determine the profit for one week if all of the product is sold.
  5. Purpose: CHAPTER 7. Things fall apart when the ruler or boss begins to neglect the well being of the employees. How were those strikes similar to the protests in Animal Farm? Assignment: Over the centuries, many people have gone on strike against companies and industries. These strikes (especially during the early 1900's in America) were often brutal and long.
    1. Find pictures from a strike in the 1900's in America (include the picture).
    2. Explain why the strike occurred.
    3. What did the workers hope to accomplish? What was the position of management?
    4. Research whether or not the employees were successful?
    5. Who were the key players in the strike for the employees? For the management?
    6. How was the strike resolved?
  6. Purpose: CHAPTER 10. Squealer tried to make the rules much more complicated by excusing behavior for some animals and limiting it for others. This shows how exceptions to rules can sometimes cause problems within a society or even within a school.             Assignment: Laws and rules are a part of everyone's life. Some are obeyed, some are not, and some are just outright ignored. Some rules are "bent" to help an individual or group when they are caught disobeying them.
    1. View the rules of the North Bergen High School student dress code: (Page 39 of the Student Handbook).
    2. Rewrite these rules (just as Squealer did) to make exceptions for certain people or groups. Place your rewritten rules on a piece of paper (making sure to keep the same format as the North Bergen High School Student Handbook).
    3. Add an annotation of WHY you changed each rule and who would benefit.