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Welcome to Dr. O'Melia's classes

In this course, we will be exploring American history, culture, and politics from the beginning of the Progressive Era in the late 1800s through the 20th Century.  By June, I believe all my students will be able to explain the broad important trends in this section of American history and be better able to understand current events going on in this country today.
In this course, we will be exploring the expansive subject of World History from around the time of the Renaissance onward.  This is a fast paced course where we will not only learning about key European events like the colonization of the New World and important conflicts like the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the World Wars, but also about China, Japan, Latin America, India, and Africa. 
About Me:
I completed my doctorate studies at Rutgers University in 2016 in the field of Global Affairs.  Global Affairs is an interdisciplinary study combining history, politics, cultural studies, sociology, economics, and international law. 
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