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Hello!  I've been teaching at NBHS since 2008.  I've been teaching Public Speaking and have been the Play Director for the Drama Club since that time.  In 2019, our school play (Alien:The Play) went viral and received international attention from news outlets, celebrities and industry professionals.  I, along with Steven Defendini (Art Director) and Brian Bonacci (Technical Director) and a talented and creative bunch of students helped put North Bergen High School on the map!  Our sold out encore performance was attended by actress Sigourney Weaver herself!  I hope to continue our success and bring further attention to Drama and the Arts in general.  It's my belief that creativity helps facilitate deeper learning and providing my students the opportunity to make these connections and realize their potentials is all the reward I need.
I currently teach Public Speaking, Screenwriting and English 1.
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Sigourney Weaver Praises North Bergen High Drama Students | ALIEN ANTHOLOGY

Students at North Bergen High School in New Jersey recently put on an AMAZING production of Alien. Hollywood noticed. And so did... the Queen.