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Courses Sequence

Math Courses for the 2018-2019 School Year


Grade College/Career Ready   Honors Track
 8th  8th grade math       Algebra I Honors*
 9th  Algebraic Strategies OR Algebra I    Geometry Honors*
 10th  Geometry    Algebra II Honors*
 11th  Algebra II   Precalculus Honors*
 12  Precalculus**  
AP Calculus**,
AP Statistics,
AP Computer Science Principles

Students who have been in Basic Skills  will be enrolled in Algebraic Strategies and Math Strategies in the 9th grade before entering Algebra 1. 

*Math Honors Program- Students are selected and admitted into the program with teacher recommendation and Department Supervisor approval after careful review.  Please note that a student will be removed from the Honors Program if their work and behavior is not up to standards.

****Special Education- Based on CST/IEP Recommmendation

         Integrated Math I, Integrated Math II, Integrated Math III, Algebra I 1025, Geometry 1026, and Algebra II 1027


 ***** ESL Algebra I, ESL Geometry, and ESL Algebra II are available for students who recently entered the country and are placed based on their transcripts and language placement